Civil Department

Vision of Civil Engineering Department:

To produce globally acclaimed civil engineers with the competent knowledge, skills and attitudes, who can be entrusted by the society to lead sustainable infrastructure and enhancing quality of life.

Mission of Civil Engineering Department:

• Impart technical competencies in civil infrastructure sectors to enhance higher studies, employability and entrepreneurship.

• Promoting research, testing and consultancy activities to meet the need of construction sectors and society.

• Inculcating ethical values of leadership qualities for sustainable civil infrastructure development for all sectors of society.

Program Educational Outcome (PEOs) of Civil Engineering Department:

• The graduate student will have a comprehensive background of Physical Sciences, Mathematics and fundamentals of Civil engineering to be able to solve application level problems related to civil engineering

• The graduate student will have expertise in Structures, Water Resources, Geo-Technical, Transportation and Environmental Engineering to the satisfaction of employers and be able to pursue lifelong learning including higher education, research and become entrepreneur

• The graduate will be capable of sustainable infrastructure development and demonstrate the ethical and social responsibility in their work

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO's) Civil Engineering Department:

1. Exposure to field conditions related to civil engineering projects.

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