Electronics & Telecommunication Department

Vision of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department :

To establish the department as a center of excellence by imparting in depth knowledge to the students and cater to the ever changing industrial demands, global and societal needs.

Mission of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department :

• To groom the students with strong foundations of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and to facilitate them to pursue higher education and to make the student entrepreneur and employable.

• To provide ethical and value based education by promoting activities addressing the societal needs.

• To develop skills to solve complex technological problems of current times.

Program Educational Outcome (PEO’s) of Electronics & Telecommunication Department :

PEO-I :To produce graduates with a solid foundation in electronics and communication engineering.

PEO-II :To produce technically competent graduates with ability to analyze, design, develop, optimize and implement electronic systems.

PEO-III :To produce graduates with sufficient breadth in electronics and its related fields so as to enable them solve general engineering problems.

PEO-IV :To produce graduates who will pursue lifelong learning and professional development.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO's) Electronic & Telecommunication Department :

PSO-01 : EDA Tools & Usage : Use Electronics Design and Automation (EDA) tools to develop simple electronics and telecommunication engineering related circuits. (K5)

PSO-02: Problem Solving Skills: Apply the technical knowledge of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering to assess industrial and practical issues and provide solutions with professional ethics.(K3)

Year of Establishment :


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