Mechanical Laboratory

Details of Mechanical Engineering Department Laboratory

Sr.No.Name of LaboratoryName of Major EquipmentsName of InstructorProfessor Incharge
1Computer Lab.
Computer Acer
Lap top -HP
Ansys Software
Air cinditioner- LG
Intractive Board
Mr. D. Pakhmode Prof. Shayam Singh Kanwar
2Work shopFlexible manufecturing System (FMS)Mr. S.L. TiwariProf. Shayam Singh Kanwar
3RoboticsRobot- Mini & ScaraMr. D. PakhmodeProf. Uday Khakha
4Work ShopTIG-MIG Welding MachineMr. B.K. ShayamProf. Ruchin Kumar
5Material Testing
Fatigue Testing machine
Spring Testing machine
Rockwell hardness Testing Machine
Brinell haedness Testing machine
Vicker Hardness testing machine
Universal Testing Machine
Mr. B.S. Maravi Prof. Praveen Kumar Kujur
6Automobile Lab.Automobile & Ice ModelsMr. B.L. SuryavanshiProf. Avinash Ranjan
7Design lab.Engg. modelsMr. B.S. MaraviProf. Shayam Singh Kanwar
8Heat Engineering Lab.Heat engine ModelsMr. B.L. SuryavanshiProf. Satish Kumar Gavel
9Design Lab.Mechanism modelsMr. B.S. MaraviProf. Shayam Singh Kanwar
10Drawing Lab.Drawing modelsMr. D. PakhmodeDr. G.K. Agrawal
11Heat and mas Transfer Lab.
Thermal Conductivy bar Apparatus
Transfer rate for a Pin fin Appratus
Emmisivity apparatus
Surface heat transfer Apparatus
Heat Transfer Coefficient Apparatus
Critical Heat flux Apparatus
Performance of different heat pipe App.
Hheat transfer rate apparatus
Heatb transfer Coefficient In a Tube App.
Heat Transfer Through Composite Wall
Thermal Conductivy Apparatus
Heat Transfer Through Legged pipe
Mr. B.L. Suryavanshi Prof. Satish Kumar Gavel
12Refeigration And Air Conditioning Lab.
Refrigerator Tutor Test rig
Mechanical Heat pump test Rig
Air and water heat pump test rig
Air Condition Test Rig
Simple Absobtion system Test rig
Cooling tower Test rig
Cut Section Model board
Mr. B.L. Suryavanshi Prof. Sandip Kumar Sahu