Mining Laboratory

Details of Mining Engineering Department Laboratory

Sr.No.Name of LaboratoryName of Major EquipmentsName of InstructorProfessor Incharge
1Computer Lab
Computer 286 with Printer Fuji DL 3400
Room Air Conditioners
Computer 386with Printer WFX 1050
Computer DART 486
Computer P-IV (Wipro)
Computer P-I (Zenith)
Mono Monitor
L.C.D. Projector
Desktop Computer Dell PC
Desktop Computer Wipro
Computer Acer
Laptop HP
Laptop Acer
Air Conditioner (Split)
Mr. G.S. Shrotey Prof. Gurudev Choudhary
2Mine Surveying Lab
Total Survey Station
Electronic Distance Measuring Instrument
Theodolite Micro-optic
Star Net * pro 8 software
Mr. G.S. Shrotey Prof. SBS Tekam
3Coal Lab
Hard Groove Grindibility Machine
Petrographic microscopic
Automatic point counter
Mr. S.L. Mathur Prof. Gurudev Choudhary
4Environment Lab
Reviving Apparatus
Self Rescuer 60min duration
Self Rescuer 45min duration
Mr. S.L. Mathur Prof. Gurudev Choudhary
5Mine Model Room Model of Ranging drum shearerMr. S.L. MathurProf. SBS Tekam
6Rock Mechanics
U.T.M. 100 T
Rock Coring Machine
Slake Durability Apparartus
Rock Density Testing Apparatus
Protodyaknov Index Testing Apparatus
Rock Porosity Testing apparatus
UTM 60 T
Mr. I.P. Bharti Prof. SBS Tekam
7Blasting Lab Turbidity Meter – 01 No.(TEQIP-II) Mr. G.S. Shrotey Prof. Gurudev Choudhary
8Pollution Control LabGas ChromatographMr. S.L. MathurProf. Gurudev Choudhary