Vision of Mechanical Department :

To produce mechanical engineers of high technical competencies, innovative ideas, research and entrepreneurial ability of global standard.

Mission of Mechanical Department :

• To develop center of excellence in core areas of mechanical engineering.

• To give basic concepts of subject and technological skill to apply the knowledge, analyze problems of mechanical engineering systems.

• To develop linkages with institute and industry of national importance for excellence in teaching, research and course attainment.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs) of Mechanical Department :

• The graduate Mechanical engineers should have clear understanding of basic science, mathematics and computational ability with technical competencies to analyze industrial problems.

• The graduate mechanical engineers will have strong command to apply theoretical & computational knowledge in core areas like mechanical design, thermal science, materials and manufacturing sciences and interdisciplinary areas also.

• The graduate mechanical engineers will have quality to take industrial projects, consultancies to become a successful entrepreneur for sustainable development and life-long learning, research and employability.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s) Mechanical Department :

1. Demonstrate the knowledge, skill and attitude to analyze the mechanical systems and processes.

2. Apply the principles of mechanical engineering to design and develop innovative products useful for the safe and sustainable development of industry and society.

Year of Establishment :


Total UG Intake :