Details of Mining Engineering Department Laboratory

Sr.No.Name of LaboratoryName of Major EquipmentsName of InstructorProfessor Incharge
1Computer LabComputer 286 with Printer Fuji DL 3400Room Air ConditionersComputer 386with Printer WFX 1050Computer DART 486Computer P-IV (Wipro)Computer P-I (Zenith)Mono MonitorL.C.D. ProjectorProjectorDesktop Computer Dell PCDesktop Computer WiproComputer AcerLaptop HPLaptop AcerPodiumVisualiserAir Conditioner (Split)Mr. G.S. ShroteyProf. Gurudev Choudhary
2Mine Surveying LabTotal Survey StationElectronic Distance Measuring InstrumentTheodolite Micro-opticStar Net * pro 8 softwareMr. G.S. ShroteyProf. SBS Tekam
3Coal LabHard Groove Grindibility MachinePetrographic microscopicAutomatic point counterMr. S.L. MathurProf. Gurudev Choudhary
4Environment LabReviving ApparatusSelf Rescuer 60min durationSelf Rescuer 45min durationMr. S.L. MathurProf. Gurudev Choudhary
5Mine Model RoomModel of Ranging drum shearerMr. S.L. MathurProf. SBS Tekam
6Rock MechanicsU.T.M. 100 TRock Coring MachineSlake Durability ApparartusRock Density Testing ApparatusProtodyaknov Index Testing ApparatusRock Porosity Testing apparatusUTM 60 TMr. I.P. BhartiProf. SBS Tekam
7Blasting LabTurbidity Meter – 01 No.(TEQIP-II)Mr. G.S. ShroteyProf. Gurudev Choudhary
8Pollution Control LabGas ChromatographMr. S.L. MathurProf. Gurudev Choudhary