Vision of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department :

“To be a center of excellence in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering education by imparting in-depth knowledge to the students to cater the ever changing industrial and   societal demands”.

Mission of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Department :

M1: Foster the culture of innovation and research in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering by providing active learning environment.

M2: Provide holistic education for life by focusing on inculcation of human and moral values, professional ethics, leadership quality and team work amongst the learner.

M3:  Co-operate, Co-ordinate and Collaborate with industry and society to provide entrepreneurship, employability and innovation skills.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO’s) of Electronics & Telecommunication Department :

PEO-I: Graduates will have professional and technical career in interdisciplinary domains like Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Robotics by providing innovative and sustainable solution using modern tools.

PEO-II: Graduates will have effective soft skill and aptitude to integrate engineering issues in broader social and environmental contexts.

PEO-III:Graduates will have ethical and moral values with a positive attitude for lifelong learning and to practice responsibilities towards their peer, employer and society.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO’s) Electronic & Telecommunication Department :

PSO1: Ability to identify, formulate and solve problems of basics of Electronics and Telecommunication engineering and to apply them to various areas like analog and digital circuit, signal & system, communication, VLSI, embedded system etc.

PSO2:  Ability to design the systems of Electronics and Telecommunication engineering using advanced hardware and software tools with an analytical skill to achieve the societal needs.

Year of Establishment :


Total UG Intake :


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